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Bicycle ergometers

Medifit is proud to present you the new range of long lasting and reliable ergometers. The improvements on design, ergonomics, electronics and programs makes the new range of ergometers even more complete than ever! The stability has been further improved, it has a low step with integrated step plate and an extremely narrow backside with a crank axle not wider than a standard bicycle.

The new ergometers have applications in the following fields:
- ECG stress tests
- Industrial or occupational medicine
- Phsychotherapy and rehabilitation medicine
- Pediatrics medicine
- Sport physiology stress and training programs
- Ultrasound and nuclear medicine cardiac stress imaging
- procedures

Medifit ergometers provide high accuracy, real workload measurements. The rotation sensor, combined with the electronic braking system and force transducer enables continuous true torque measurements to be made

Medifit ergometers are easy to use. The microprocessor is readily programmable and permits storage of operator developed protocols.

Medifit ergometers feature an advanced operator interface, OPORT ®, mounted on the front of the systems wich can be easily changed to conform to the needs of the operator. Further OPORT ® can be cleaned with ease.

Medifit ergometers can be calibrated by the users with Medifits unique Manual Calibrating System. Calibration can be performed within minutes without the systems being moved or raised from the floor.

Medifit ergometers can be easily interfaced with other equipment such as PC or ECG-based systems, via a serial RS-232 port or analogue signal.

Full specifications (printable) can be downloaded here.
or see the specification page here.

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